About Us

Clean Power House, LLC, a California limited liability company, is an independent consulting firm serving companies and institutions active in producing and using energy, primarily in the electric energy sector. George Wiltsee, owner and president, has worked hard to develop and commercialize sustainable ways to provide safe, reliable, clean and affordable energy.

CPH uses the successful business model from Mr. Wiltsee’s predecessor firm, Appel Consultants Inc., which operated from 1991-1999. CPH assembles project-specific teams of independent consultants and companies for each client assignment and dismantles the teams when all deliverables are successfully completed. Overhead, administrative and personnel costs are minimized while the very best expertise is laser-focused on solving client needs. More..

CPH is owned and managed by George Wiltsee, an engineer and MBA (Caltech/Stanford) with many years of experience in the energy industry. Most recently, George was Director of Power Resources at Peninsula Clean Energy (PCE) during its first year of operation. Prior to PCE, George managed renewable energy procurements at Southern California Edison for nine years.

George and the PCE and SCE teams established diversified portfolios of cost-competitive contracts with leading renewable energy developers and energy service providers. In all, George is responsible for the development and execution of over 100 power purchase agreements (PPAs) with a combined capacity of over 2 gigawatts (GW).

CPH brings years of experience in procurement of renewable and carbon free energy to its clients. This experience is tapped via a network of independent professionals, renewable energy developers and energy service providers. The range of services includes integrated resource planning, competitive bidding processes, contract negotiation, contract management and regulatory reporting.

Contact George Wiltsee to explore whether CPH is the best suited firm to address your particular needs and opportunities.